Cooperation Jackson on Everything Co-op

Tune-in to WOL 1450 AM today at 10:30am for  Everything Co-ophosted by Vernon Oakes. This week Vernon interviews Justin Fairfax, candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor, and Kali Akuno, Co-director of Cooperation Jackson. Vernon and his guests will discuss how the Executive Orders and other actions taken by President Trump and his administration might impact communities that are dependent on Federal aid.

During his career, Justin has worked in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government, developing a keen insight into solving the challenges that face Virginia families today. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia and the Deputy Coordinator of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, Justin saw the power that law enforcement and criminal justice reform can have to keep communities safe, while providing appropriate second chances, saving hard-earned taxpayer dollars, and changing communities and lives. As Lieutenant Governor, Justin vows to work every day to build the foundation of economic and educational opportunity that every Virginian deserves.

KaliAkuno is the Co-director of Cooperation Jackson. The broad mission of Cooperation Jackson is to advance the development of economic democracy in Jackson, Mississippi, by building an economy anchored by a network of cooperatives and other types of worker owned and democratically self-managed enterprises. The network consist of four interconnected and interdependent institutions: an emerging federation of local worker cooperatives, a developing cooperative incubator, a cooperative education and training center (the Lumumba Center for Economic Democracy and Development), and a cooperative bank or financial institution.

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U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council on Everything Co-op

Tune in to WOL 1450 AM on December 1, at 10:30 am, for Everything Co-op, hosted by Vernon Oakes. This week Vernon interviews Paul Hazen, Executive Director, U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council, (OCDC). Vernon and Paul will discuss how OCDC brings together organizations committed to building a more prosperous world through cooperatives.

Paul Hazen became executive director of the Overseas Cooperative Development Council in February 2012. Previously, he represented one of the member organizations and served as OCDC’s board chair and as a board member. One of his most-recent initiatives with OCDC is the formation of its Research Group, whose mission is to research, formulate and share effective strategies for the development, performance and growth of cooperatives in developing countries.

Throughout his career, Hazen has championed the U.S. cooperative system, which encompasses 29,000 co-ops; generates $654 billion in revenue; and creates more than two million jobs, representing $75 billion in wages and benefits. U.S. co-ops include Ace Hardware, Land O’Lakes, Inc., Sunkist, REI and the Associated Press. Hazen helped establish federal legislation promoting rural co-op development, formed a national network of co-op development centers and initiated national research into the impact of co-ops on the U.S. economy.

Active in cooperative matters at many levels, Hazen is the one of the founders of DotCoop the top-level domain for cooperatives around the world. He also serves on the boards of the National Cooperative Bank, Capital Impact Partners and the Community Purchasing Alliance Cooperative. Past board service includes the International Co-operative Alliance, Consumer Federation of American, Cooperative Development Foundation, Cooperative Business International and NCB Retail Finance Corporation.

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Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard on Everything Co-op on Thursday

Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard
Tune in to WOL 1450 AM, tomorrow, at 10:30 a.m. for Everything Co-op, hosted by Vernon Oakes. This week Vernon interviews Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Professor of Community Justice and Social Economic Development, and author of Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice.  Mr. Oakes and Dr. Gordon Nembhard will discuss her latest research and project work on the development of  worker Cooperatives with incarcerated and returning citizens, The Movement for Black Lives and other initiatives she has supported.

Dr. Gordon Nembhard, is a cooperative ambassador, economist and community economic development expert. After 15 years of careful research, she published “Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice”. Her book argues that co-ops not only should be, but have historically been a social justice tool within African American communities. Since the publication of her book Dr. Gordon Nembhard has become involved with efforts to establish worker cooperatives and has lent her knowledge and support to several other cooperative projects and programs.

Her research has focused on community and asset-based economic development and democratic community economics; cooperative economics and worker ownership; racial and economic wealth inequality and wealth accumulation in communities of color, and alternative urban economic and youth educational development strategies. Her future research and policy analyses will connect community-based economic development, asset building, and economic justice strategies with community-based approaches to justice.
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Amazing documentary about the cooperative movement in the U.S.

Everything Co-op will host a screening of the documentary Food For Change on Monday, October 31, 6:00 pm at BusBoys and Poets, 1025 5th Street NW, Washington, DC. The Event is FREE, but seating is limited. Go to EventBrite for tickets. Food for Change tells the story of the cooperative movement in the United States in a way that is both entertaining and informative. It includes interviews with co-op workers, rare archival footage, and narration by the film’s director, Steve Alves. The event is free and open to the public. Visit EventBrite to register.

Alves tracks the co-op movement’s quest for whole and organic foods, and their focus on sustainable food systems. The film profiles several food co-ops that have revived neighborhoods and entire communities. Steve Alves is an internationally-acclaimed filmmaker, and member of the Franklin Community Co-op in Greenfield, Massachusetts. He hopes co-ops will use this film to raise the public’s awareness of their unique place in our country’s economic and political landscape.

Co-ops Vote materials and information will also be distributed at the screening, courtesy of National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA).

Everything Co-op is a radio show that airs on WOL 1450AM, in the Washington, DC Metro Area market. Vernon Oakes, host and executive producer of Everything Co-op, is sponsoring this screening of Food For Change in the hope of introducing the cooperative business model to the general population, and to provide an opportunity for people to network and be empowered to take action. Everything Co-op is sponsored by National Cooperative Bank, (NCB).

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What happened at the International Summit of Cooperatives?

This week Vernon interviews Rodrigo Gouveia, Director of Policy for the International Co-operative Alliance. Rodrigo and Vernon will discuss the 2016 Quebec International Summit of Cooperatives, and Declaration that was established at the conference.

Rodrigo Gouveia has been the Director of Policy for the International Co-operative Alliance since January 2014. Previously he was Secretary-General of Euro Coop, the European Community of Consumer Co-operatives (2006-2013), and has been working for the co-operative movement since 1997. He holds a degree in Law from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and Post-graduate degrees in Consumer Law and in Public Economic Regulation both from the University of Coimbra. He also worked as a Lawyer and Lecturer for the Higher School for Business Sciences in Setúbal, Portugal. In his capacity as Director of Policy at the International Co-operative Alliance, he is responsible for the advocacy and representation of the co-operative movement towards global institutions such as the G20, the UN and its agencies.

The International Summit of Cooperatives is the global reference point for business development in the world of cooperatives and mutuals. It offers managers, decision-makers and leaders of cooperatives and mutuals of every size and in every sector, as well as every player in the business world, a unique forum for reflexion, discussion, consultation and education about current and future leading trends and economic and financial issues. By demonstrating that the cooperative business model is one of the answers to the main social and economic issues of our times, the Summit aims to promote and foster the development of cooperative businesses in every country.

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Josephine Chu on Everything Co-op!

Zenful BitesTune in to WOL 1450 AM tomorrow at 10:30 am, for Everything Co-op, hosted by Vernon Oakes. This week Vernon interviews Josephine Chu, Co-founder of Zenful Bites. Vernon and Josephine will discuss how she and her partner balance the ambitious mission of their business, with staffing and resource realities. She will also discuss how they plan to expand their business, and the challenges they foresee.

In May of 2012, Josephine Chu and Yolanda Hawthorne founded Zenful Bites in order to foster a sustainable and healthy food system through eco-catering and food education. The company was founded on the principle that everyone should have access to fresh food, the means to buy it, and the knowledge to prepare it. To that end, Zenful Bites partners with local nonprofits to run food education programs for children in under-served areas of Washington, D.C., and goes a step further to source its food from local farms that use sustainable, organic farming practices.

Co-founder Josephine Chu has taught K-12 students, and community members on a host of sustainability issues. The education programs teach children where their food comes from, and engages them in healthy cooking, with hopes of building a foundation for more healthy eating throughout their lives. While co-founder, Yolanda Hawthorne combines a lifelong passion for food, design, and the healing arts into her position as Eco-Chef of Zenful Bites, specializing in plant-based, local, sustainable cuisine. Yolanda graduated from The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, and studied at Gulliver’s Living and Learning Center, and the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute.

With a full-time staff of two, Zenful Bites is a small business with a big mission. Despite the challenge of size, Zenful Bites remains focused, and is growing steadily, with community partners such as the DC Central Kitchen, ECO City Farm, Think Local, and many more local companies.

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