New Tech Co-op!

According to this exceedingly interesting post on the blog The Workers’ Paradise, “Tech Co-op’s Are on the Rise,” tech co-ops are popping up all over. And here is some info about the new local tech co-op NOVA Web Development!

NOVA Web Development provides web page design and web application development at affordable rates for labor and community organizations, academic institutions, non-profits, and small business enterprises.

We are a democratically run, worker owned and operated cooperative focused on developing free software tools for progressive organizations, committed to economic democracy and the educational growth of our members. Our young web professionals work side-by-side with experienced veterans learning state-of-the-art webcraft while providing solutions to problems facing our local community, pursuing a social justice mission, and striving to create the world we want to live in.

The purpose of the Cooperative is to engage in and conduct lawful business, activities or functions aimed at providing for the livelihood of the Members in a manner consistent with the interests of society as a whole, guided by the following: 


  1. We want to make a living, not a killing.
  2. We want to help build the world we want to live in.
  3. The people’s movement should use people’s software.

One comment

  1. Natalia Cerna

    As a member of this cooperative, I really appreciate the efforts to let others know about our existence.

    We want to keep looking forward to collaborating with other co-ops!

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