Upcoming talk: Resource Mobilization and Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Non-Extractive Financing

As part of broader workshop on social movements on Friday, March 12, 2021 at 2pm (EST), Heather Hax will talk about, “Resource Mobilization and Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Non-Extractive Financing.” This talk will focus on the resource considerations and constraints of individual worker cooperatives, as well as the worker cooperative movement writ large. Like other social movements, worker cooperatives and the cooperative movement have treated resource constraints as collective action problem – and as a result has developed a series of institutional formations and strategies to address them. These constraints and corresponding strategies will be outlined and evaluated. Central to my question is their potential to prefigure non-extractive, post/anti-capitalist lending structures. To register, click here.

Heather Hax is a PhD candidate in Sociology at York University in Toronto whose work focuses on worker cooperatives and anti-capitalist social transformation. Currently residing in Baltimore, Heather teaches Sociology at Towson University, is a member of the zero-waste team with the South Baltimore Community Land Trust and is an elder ally with Sunrise Movement Baltimore.

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