Next Meeting of the DC Cooperative Stakeholders Group is October 27th

The next meeting of the DC Cooperative Stakeholders Group will be on October 27th, from 1 PM to 2:30 PM. It will be held at the offices of the Dept. of Small and Local Business Development (aka DSLBD) – 441 4th Street, NW, Suite 805S, Washington, DC 20020.

If you are interested in attending please RSVP at this link:

Hope you can join us.

~ Rodney North


Who’s participating in the Stakeholders Group?

The Stakeholders Group first met on December 19, 2016. Since then we have met every month, sometimes in the offices of the DSLBD, sometimes at the Impact Hub, and sometimes at The Hive 2.0 in Anacostia.

Here’s a partial (but interesting) list of organizations who have been represented at one or more meetings of the Stakeholders Group:


CPA Co-op (Community Purchasing Alliance) 

Tightshift co-op 

Northwest Childcare Cooperative

DC Growers Co-op

A Few Cool Hardware Stores (part of the Ace Hardware co-op)



Dept of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD)

Deputy Mayor’s Office of Planning and Economic Development

My Brother’s Keeper



The National Cooperative Business Association

Credit Union National Association

National Association of Housing Cooperatives

US Association of Overseas Cooperative Development Council

Democracy At Work Network (technical assistance)

Network for Developing Conscious Communities

Alliance For Regional Co-operation (ARC)

Good Food Markets

The Democracy Collaborative

NDCC (Network for Developing Conscious Communities)

Dreaming Out Loud



WACIF (Wash. Area Community Investment Fund)

Capital Impact Partners

National Cooperative Bank (NCB)



KDC Cooperative Solutions (Mid-Atlantic Co-op Development Centre)


What is Cooperation DC working on?

Several months ago, Cooperation DC laid out their vision for 2017. And I am just posting this vision now.  Their vision is:

…to establish an ecosystem to launch and support worker-owned businesses in DC in the following ways:

  • Launch NW Childcare Cooperative: In 2017, we will launch a childcare women-owned business consisting of 15 Latina immigrant worker-owners. A grant award provided by the Meyer Foundation will enable the formulation of the business plan and launch.
  • Organize an African American Women-led Childcare cooperative East of the River: The efforts and lessons learned while organizing the NW childcare cooperative in 2016 will serve as the foundation to create the support and infrastructure needed to identify and develop the women that will form the worker-owned childcare cooperative business East of the River.
  • DSLBD Cooperative Convenings: Participating in stakeholder meetings will prove instrumental to creating a cooperative ecosystem by sharing current needs, mapping the current coop infrastructure, setting priorities, and addressing long-term and short-term needs.
  • Issuing the first Working World Peer Network loan to a DC local cooperative: we will build local and regional capacity through our participation in the Working World Peer Network.
  • Fundraising: In order to realize these goals we will need to fund raise $300,000 in calendar year 2017. If you’d like to support the (re)emerging cooperative movement in DC, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. No amount is too big or too small!

Click here for more info on Cooperation DC

DC Workshop on Co-ops

Join Vernon Oakes, host of Everything Co-op for an informative workshop on How Co-ops Strengthen Communities. The workshop is sponsored by The Hive 2.0, and will be held at 1231 Good Hope Road Southeast Washington, DC 20020. If you’ve been listening to Everything Co-op, and want to learn about what you’ve heard; then join Vernon for this workshop.

The Hive 2.0 is a co-workspace location in Washington, DC. On Monday June 26th at 6PM the organization will sponsor the first workshop in their Summer Workshop Series “How Co-ops Strengthen Neighborhoods” lead by Rodney North, former Answer Man for the Equal Exchange worker-owned cooperative.

                                 Here’s an outline for the Workshop

* What is a co-op?

* Examples of co-ops in the daily lives of Americans

* Why is the co-op model particularly useful in strengthening

* How do co-ops meet basic needs in ways that the marketplace does not?

* Examples of co-ops elsewhere who are meeting needs other communities

* The current – and potential – reality of co-ops

There is a modest fee of $10 to attend the event. To register, Click Here!

So many subscribers have asked for access to the June 8th Rodney North interview on Everything Coop. To Listen to the interview Click Here!

Time for transportation co-ops?

Back in October, the Washington Post had an article about Metro’s planned cuts primarily affecting the predominantly African-American neighborhoods. Is a perfect opportunity to organize transportation co-ops to get people to work and other places? Maybe even Metro and/or the DC Government would even help fund some of costs or even make in-kind donations? Or would this be co-opted by Uber and Lyft to undermine Metro further? 

DC’s Community Compost Cooperative Network

As many of you likely know, DC has started a free composting program with drop-off locations in every ward. Compost collection has already begun at Eastern Market. It will start on May 13 at the Columbia Heights, Glover Park Burleith, 14th and Kennedy, Brookland, and Parkside-Kenilworth farmers markets. It will begin on May 20 at the University of the District of Columbia and on June 3 at the Ward 8 Farmers Market. It will run year-round at Eastern Market and through market season at the remainder of the sites.

Did you know that DPR has started a Community Compost Cooperative Network, which allows you also to drop off your food scraps at your neighborhood cooperative at any time? To join each member must take an hour training and help process compost 1-hour a month.  Each cooperative can handle around 100 active composters or about 1 ton of material a month. Currently there are about 1000 people composting in this network. Find your local DC cooperatives on this interactive map.