Join DC Co-op Stakeholders’ Group

Dear worker-owners and allies –

A group of co-op advocates – the DC Co-op Stakeholders’ Group – has been meeting for over a year to discuss how best to help start new co-ops and strengthen existing co-ops in DC.

Many ideas are being discussed, but they all revolve around designing and developing programs, policies, legislation, and a new dedicated co-op development center that will support local co-ops and start-ups.

There’s just one problem: we haven’t had nearly enough participation from existing DC co-ops, to help guide this effort!

That why I’m writing to you now – I’m hoping that one or more members of every DC worker co-op (and former worker-owners, and any that you may know) can attend the next meeting of the DC Co-op Stakeholders’ Group – this Saturday, June 16th, 12 noon, at Bread for the City, 1525 7th St. NW

If so, please reply and let me know, so we can plan for attendance.

And if you’re from a co-op that can’t send any members, please reply and let me know that too, so I can get your input and help carry your thoughts to the meeting.

More background: Originally convened by staff of the DC Government’s Dept of Small and Local Business Development, the DC Co-op Stakeholders’ Group is now becoming self-organizing, and will be posting volunteer openings for a formal steering committee soon – we’re hoping to get substantial representation from DC’s co-ops and worker co-ops on that steering committee, so please stay tuned!

The group drafted a mission statement (here: that summarizes its thoughts about how to help DC co-ops get started and get stronger. The group sees particular needs for access to fair employment and healthy food, and is thus prioritizing worker co-ops and food co-ops. We also staffed a table at last October’s National Co-op Festival on the Mall and got lots of good response and interest from local folks.

Hope to see you this Saturday at noon – and thanks for forwarding this on to any DC worker co-op members, and former worker-owners, that you may know!

PS – if you want to be joined to the DC Co-op Stakeholders’ Group Slack group, reply to me and ask, and I’ll see that you get an invite.



Jim Johnson
Co-founder and Certified Peer Advisor
Democracy At Work Network – 240-621-0921


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