DC Workshop on Co-ops

Join Vernon Oakes, host of Everything Co-op for an informative workshop on How Co-ops Strengthen Communities. The workshop is sponsored by The Hive 2.0, and will be held at 1231 Good Hope Road Southeast Washington, DC 20020. If you’ve been listening to Everything Co-op, and want to learn about what you’ve heard; then join Vernon for this workshop.

The Hive 2.0 is a co-workspace location in Washington, DC. On Monday June 26th at 6PM the organization will sponsor the first workshop in their Summer Workshop Series “How Co-ops Strengthen Neighborhoods” lead by Rodney North, former Answer Man for the Equal Exchange worker-owned cooperative.

                                 Here’s an outline for the Workshop

* What is a co-op?

* Examples of co-ops in the daily lives of Americans

* Why is the co-op model particularly useful in strengthening

* How do co-ops meet basic needs in ways that the marketplace does not?

* Examples of co-ops elsewhere who are meeting needs other communities

* The current – and potential – reality of co-ops

There is a modest fee of $10 to attend the event. To register, Click Here!

So many subscribers have asked for access to the June 8th Rodney North interview on Everything Coop. To Listen to the interview Click Here!

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