US Federation of Worker Cooperatives interviewed July 2nd

Tune-in to WOL 1450 AM tomorrow for Everything Co-ophosted by Vernon Oakes. This Thursday Vernon interviews Esteban Kelly, Co-Executive Director with the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives. Vernon and Esteban will discuss democratic workplaces, cooperative development and organizations that support worker cooperatives.

Esteban Kelly recently joined the Federation with over 15 years of experience in the cooperative community, including a term as a USFWC Board member and worker-member/owner with two USFWC members, Mariposa Food Cooperative and AORTA Collective. His role at the USFWC focuses on strategic planning and partnerships, public-facing communications, and business planning for the USFWC.

Kelly is a dynamic educator and movement facilitator. He’s a founder and core trainer with AORTA, a worker co-op, whose consulting supports organizations fighting for social justice and a solidarity economy. Most recently he was Director of Development and Staff Director for the New Economy Coalition. He currently sits on the NCBA Board of Directors and serves as president of the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance. To learn more about Esteban Kelly, or the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives Click Here!

To listen live online Click Here!
or Click Here! to Listen on your cell phone with Tune-in Radio

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