How to Scale Up the Cooperative Movement

Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO)’s first e-book, Scaling Up the Cooperative Movement, highlights the role of co-ops in building a more just, egalitarian, and sustainable economy. The books has some very exciting articles:


Mondragón and the System Problem –Thomas M. Hanna and Gar Alperovitz

Cooperative Movement Should Engage Government Cautiously –Andrew McLeod

Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues –Thomas M. Hanna

Planning Must Be Centered in the Cooperative Movement –Andrew McLeod

Confronting the “System Problem” Cooperatively –Len Krimerman

Serving Life: A New Economy Vision for an Alternative Political-Economic System –Noel Ortega

Cooperative Enterprise and System Change –Joe Guinan

Scaling-Up Democracy Through Empowerment –Michael Johnson

Seizing the Moment: Catalyzing Big Growth for Worker Co-ops –Hilary Abell

Reflections on Moving Beyond Capitalism –Cliff DuRand

Structure vs. Culture: Why Not a “Stulture” That Comines Them? –Len Krimerman

Action Plan for a Co-op Nation –Tony Patterson

Mondragon and Fagor

Creating a Cooperative Culture: Lessons from Mondragon –Caitlin Quigley

Mondragon Feels Pain as It Cuts Off Fagor, One of Its Own –Miles Johnson

Major Mondragon Cooperative Faltering –GEO

When the Right Ones get it Wrong –Michael Peck

Concerns about “Scaling Up” –Marty Heyman

The Promise and Limitations of Worker Co-operatives –Gar Alperovitz, interviewed by Paul Jay of the Real News

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