6 Ways to Fuel the Cooperative Takeover

The spring issue of YES! Magazine is about how cooperatives are driving a new economy. From the discussion by the editors of the magazine, “Co-ops aren’t new. What’s ncooperativesew are the opportunities we now have to expand the reach of the cooperative economy:

  • Unions are joining forces with Spain’s successful Mondragon Cooperatives to bring the model to the United States.
  • Communities looking for alternatives to expensive, for-profit health insurance are forming health care cooperatives.
  • Thousands who “moved their money” from Wall Street banks to credit unions now have a say in how that money is loaned and invested.
  • Consumers looking for ways to increase prosperity for small-scale producers are turning to cooperatives like Equal Exchange.

Instead of making more money for those who are already wealthy, cooperatives offer everyone ownership of an economy that benefits all life.”

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