Who’s participating in the Stakeholders Group?

The Stakeholders Group first met on December 19, 2016. Since then we have met every month, sometimes in the offices of the DSLBD, sometimes at the Impact Hub, and sometimes at The Hive 2.0 in Anacostia.

Here’s a partial (but interesting) list of organizations who have been represented at one or more meetings of the Stakeholders Group:


CPA Co-op (Community Purchasing Alliance) 

Tightshift co-op 

Northwest Childcare Cooperative

DC Growers Co-op

A Few Cool Hardware Stores (part of the Ace Hardware co-op)



Dept of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD)

Deputy Mayor’s Office of Planning and Economic Development

My Brother’s Keeper



The National Cooperative Business Association

Credit Union National Association

National Association of Housing Cooperatives

US Association of Overseas Cooperative Development Council

Democracy At Work Network (technical assistance)

Network for Developing Conscious Communities

Alliance For Regional Co-operation (ARC)

Good Food Markets

The Democracy Collaborative

NDCC (Network for Developing Conscious Communities)

Dreaming Out Loud



WACIF (Wash. Area Community Investment Fund)

Capital Impact Partners

National Cooperative Bank (NCB)



KDC Cooperative Solutions (Mid-Atlantic Co-op Development Centre)


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