Social Cooperative in Budapest

CycloCyclonomia is a participative and convivial bicycle repair and Do-It-Yourself workshop. Cyclonomia social cooperative opened its doors in Budapest on June 15, 2013. Since then more than 300 members have helped it thrive by coming to repair their bicycles in a participatory and convivial atmosphere.

Cyclonomia is also a low-tech design and construction workshop implementing sustainable solutions in particular for transport in urban areas.

It plays a key role within the Cargonomia project constructing the cargobikes and the trailers used to distribute locally produced organic food and other items to citizens in Budapest.

In Budapest, as in many other places around the world, transition is well underway along with its partners intend to be part of the network of alternatives by offering new ways of living, producing and sharing based on conviviality, social justice and sustainability.


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