Union-Represented Worker Co-ops panel on 6/15

Union-Represented Worker Co-ops | LRAN National Conference

June 15 @ 3:00 pm4:30 pm, Georgetown Law Center

1worker1vote.org will be part of this panel during the Labor Research & Action Network’s National Conference.

Union-Represented Worker Co-ops: It is time for us to take the initiative and embrace a successful economic development model that creates jobs that are accountable to workers, their families, and their communities for the long term. The Mondragon Worker-Owner Cooperative from Spain is a compelling model to replicate in part due to the success in creating and sustaining family supporting jobs and developing a vibrant middle class in an originally war torn area. In 2009, the United Steel Workers joined with Mondragon Inc. of Spain and Kent State University’s Ohio Employee-Ownership Center (OEOC) to explore how to bring the successful Mondragon model of employee-owned cooperatives to the US.

This panel will bring together academic, activist and co-op experts throughout the country to explore incubation of the union-co-ops model by developing and refining co- op ideas, discussing funding feasibility studies, sharing technical assistance resources, and identifying community partners.

Register for the conference and learn more.

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