Solidarity Economy Summit on Saturday

In the face of growing economic inequity and environmental devastation, we are called to come together to reimagine and rebuild our economy based on the values of equity, democracy, cooperation, self-determination, and sustainability. Please come to Impact Hub DC (419 7th St NW) on Saturday 12/6 to take part in a conversation with local activists, leaders and community members about how we can build a movement for a solidarity economy in Washington, DC, which is in many ways the heart of the current economic system that is failing us and our planet.

Saturday, December 6: Solidarity Economy Summit

2:30pm: Doors Open

3:30 – 3:50: Welcome

3:50 – 5:00: Deepening Democracy, Broadening Ownership: What are the models?

  • Farming Cooperatives
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • Community Land Trusts / Limited Equity Housing Coops
  • Public Banking
  • Worker Cooperatives
  • Healthcare
  • Time Bank
  • Prison Reentry
  • Accountable Policing
  • Transformative Finance
  • Environmental Justice

5:05 – 5:30: Learning from Natural Systems

5:30 – 5:40: People’s Platform

5:40 – 6:10: Break Out Groups

6:10 – 6:40: Report backs and next steps

6:40 – 6:55: Culture in our Organizing

7:00 – 8:00: Music, Video, Art, Solidarity Economy Market

To see a list of organizing groups and register for the event, please click here. We ask that those who are able to donate $10-20 please do so to keep this event free for others. To find and join the Facebook event, click here. Parents who need childcare should email by noon on 11/5 with the number and ages of kids that need care, and any special needs. Please note that the schedule listed in this email is the most up-to-date version–the event will take place 2:30 to 8, and NOT 11 to 5.

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