ONE DC / GWU Conference on Equitable Development

Is Equitable Development Possible in the 21st Century? Prospects and Possibilities for Washington DC

GWU, Marvin Center, 800 21st St, NW, Grand Ballroom on 3rd floor

March 27, 2014, 8am to 2pm

On March 27, 2014, ONE DC and The George Washington University will co-sponsor an equitable development symposium entitled “Is Equitable Development Possible in the 21st Century? Prospects and Possibilities for Washington DC.” The keynote speaker for this inaugural symposium will be Dr. Angela Glover Blackwell, founder and executive director of PolicyLink. In addition, the symposium will include two panel discussions; one on equitable development at the national level and the other focused on equitable development in the DC region. Panelists will include scholar activists, academics, students, policy advocates and community organizers. (For a full list of panel participants, email

This symposium, which we expect to make an annual event, is intended to build support for equitable development principles, policies, and practices across the United States in general and throughout the DC regional in particular. Similar to the diversity of this symposium’s panel discussants, our audience will be a combination of community groups, students, academics, developers, public officials, and other interested residents. Seats are limited at this event. We, therefore, request that you RSVP as soon as possible.

An important feature of this symposium will be the dissemination of ONE DC’s “Peoples’ Platform” for community development. The Peoples’ Platform, keeping consistent with ONE DC’s guiding principles, ensures that participants of this symposium will have an opportunity to actively engage in conversation and debate with panelists and other attendees. If you have questions about “Is Equitable Development Possible in the 21st Century? Prospects and Possibilities for Washington, DC?” contact Organizing Neighborhood Equity (ONE DC) ( or The George Washington University (

Please RSVP here:
Co-Organizers are Organizing Neighborhood Equity (ONE DC) and The George Washington University – Center for Civic Engaement and Public Service and Department of Sociology

ONE DC – Organizing Neighborhood Equity:
At ONE DC, our mission is to exercise political strength to create and preserve racial and economic equity in Shaw and the District of Columbia. ONE DC has three main organizing areas: One Right to Housing, One Right to Income, and One Right to Wellness. As with our overall organizational development, these organizing areas have grown out of the work of Manna CDC, but we now have a stronger focus and city-wide perspective.

The George Washington University:
The George Washington University was established in 1821 to fulfill its namesake’s vision of a national university that would educate the next generation of citizen leaders. Since our founding nearly 200 years ago, the university has looked to the future, educating students who represent diverse perspectives and interests to become well-informed, ethically grounded citizens and leaders able to find creative solutions to society’s most complex problems. As a center for intellectual inquiry and research, the University emphasizes the linkage between basic and applied scholarship, insisting that the practical be grounded in knowledge and theory. The University acts as a catalyst for creativity in the arts, the sciences, and the professions by encouraging interaction among its students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the communities it serves.

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