More DC Co-ops added to Directory

I came across the DC Corporations Listing, which includes all the cooperatives registered in DC since the 1800s. It is an enormous list because it also includes cooperatives outside the District. DC had very open co-op laws. I’ve been adding the cooperatives to the Coop DC directory. Lots of interesting cooperatives from the past!

Let me know if you want to add any cooperatives to the list or if you have info about existing or former cooperatives. It would be nice to have some descriptions about what it was like shopping at Fields of Plenty or at Bread & Roses Community Music Center/Cooperative (“An anti-capitalist, collectively run record shop” at 1724 20th St, NW).


  1. Jenny G

    Thanks for this important web site. It is a great resource. I am a new DC resident (and newly returned to the area) and would like to know if there is a group of people working towards opening a food co-op in DC. I have lived in Brooklyn, where there is the great Park Slope Food Co-op, and Albany, where there is the even greater Honest Weight Food Co-op. I wonder why there is no large-scale food co-op store in DC. Is there no market for it now that we are being inundated with Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Harris Teeter’s, more Giants? I am miffed as to how moderate and especially low income residents can afford high-quality food. Again, please let me know if there any people working on such a project, I would really like to get involved!

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