Cooperative Histories

I’ve been wanting to create individual histories pages for each of the cooperatives in the Coop Directory. So, now is the time to start! If you worked or shopped at one of the cooperatives in the Coop Directory, feel free to write something about it. Vernice Woodland put together a history of one cooperative: You could write a few thoughts in an informal way, such as what it was like to shop at the cooperative. Or your contribution could be a basic history of the cooperative. Or you could include:

1) when you started and stopped working there
2) what kinds of work you did, how many people were working there when you were there
3) what you thought about the work, organization, fellow workers, special events, etc.
4) how the bakery related to other cooperatives or to the surrounding community

It’s a kind of evolving history of cooperatives in DC. Feel free to email me with your histories and I’ll post them to the individual history pages for the cooperatives.

In addition, if a cooperative is missing from the list, feel free to let me know.

Thanks for considering contributing to the coop history pages.

Johanna (

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