2nd Annual Potluck for Lovers of Living Together

For communal living geeks, peoples with unmet dreams of community, and everyone in between, come learn and explore what it means to live together. Bring any and all of your questions about communal living plus a potluck dish to share (cool points for lunchy brunchy food, not snacky food). Coops, group houses, intentional communities, co-housing are all welcome!
2nd Annual Lunchy Brunch Potluck for Lovers of Living Together

Sunday, December 8
11 am – 2 pm (and beyond!)
Maitri House @ 251 Manor Circle, Takoma Park, MD (a 15 min walk from the Takoma metro)

The plan:

11-12 — eating and hanging out
12-12:30 — community mixer! existing communities, forming communities, people in search of communities – introduce yourself and mingle!
12:30-1:30 — community knowledge share! bring your problems, questions, conundrums, and concerns and tap into the collective wisdom of the group. if called to, we’ll break out into small groups to tackle the bigger things.
1:30-2 — more hanging out. maybe meet your future housemate?
2 pm and beyond — even more hanging out for the die-hard communitarians. maybe play co-opoly and get some experience running a successful co-operative, or continue to talk about community plans, technical issues, or events.
To RSVP or for more info, email karen – kleu82@gmail.com
And invite your friends on Facebook!Sponsored by Maitri House, a residential intentional community of 15 people that values social justice, close relationships, environmental stewardship, parenting, and children.

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