6 ways to get involved with Coop DC

Coop DC is a group of people who came together out of a desire to live in more cooperative communities. We are not a formal organization – we are what we organize together! Below are some ways you can get involved. Email info@coopdc.org with your ideas.

1. Join the Coop DC email list. We exchange articles, ideas, and plan events and gatherings.

2. Host or co-host a coop related gathering – a game night, film screening, skill share, or whatever you’re excited about.

3. Join or form a working group: building a regional coop network, starting a food coop in DC, renewable energy coops, and more.

4. Support local coops, and help us build out the coop directory.

5. Help us build out the resources page on the Coop DC website.

6. Help us get the videos from DC Coop Day online!

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