List of Cooperatives in DC and Surrounding Area:

Art Gallery Co-ops

Credit Unions

Daycare and Preschool Co-ops

Food Co-ops

Other Consumer Co-ops

Energy Co-ops

Housing Co-ops

Purchasing Co-ops

Worker Co-ops

Community Exchange Co-ops

Organizations Helping Co-ops

Future Co-ops?

  • Community wireless
  • H Street Bakes Co-op
  • Solar energy co-op
  • Translator/Interpreter co-op

Co-ops of the Past

  • Capitol Cab Co. – “the largest cooperatively owned taxi fleet in the world”
  • Co-op Supermarkets (Greenbelt Consumer Services)
  • Exval Gas Stations (Greenbelt Consumer Services)
  • Fields of Plenty food co-op (near current Tryst)
  • Greenbelt Consumer Services (Greenbelt, Silver Spring, Savage; operated 6 supermarkets, 7 auto service stores, 10 SCAN Furniture stores, drug store, barber shop, movie theater, valet shop, beauty parlor, variety store, tobacco shop, laundromat, bus service, Co-op Consumer newspaper)
  • Martin Luther King Co-op Store/Arthur Capper Consumer Federation, Inc.
  • Off Our Backs Collective
  • SCAN Furniture (Greenbelt Consumer Services and Van Ness/UDC)
  • Takoma Park Pot Co-op
  • Women’s Community Bakery Co-op (12th St?)

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