Next Meeting of the DC Cooperative Stakeholders Group is December 20th

At our November 17th meeting (pictured here) we had our greatest attendance of all our 12 meetings to date. The following are just some of the organizations who were represented:

One DC

The DC Commission of Arts and Humanities

National Cooperative Business Association

The Linner Foundation

NCB (aka National Cooperative Bank)


Community Grocery Cooperative

CUNA (Credit Union National Association)

Georgetown Univ. Policy Innovation Lab

The Democracy Collaborative

Network for Developing Conscious Communities Alliance For Regional Cooperation

Northern Virginia Community Foundation

The next meeting of the DC Cooperative Stakeholders Group will be on December 20th, from 4 PM to 5:30 PM. It will be held at the offices of the Dept. of Small and Local Business Development (aka DSLBD) – 441 4th Street, NW, Suite 805S, Washington, DC 20020.

Please note TWO important changes from past meetings.

 ◊ This meeting is on a WEDNESDAY (we typically meet on Fridays)

 ◊ It will be at 4 PM (we typically meet a 1 PM).

If you are interested in attending please RSVP at this link:

Hope you can join us.

~ Rodney North

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