Housing Co-ops

There are so many housing cooperatives in Washington, DC, so we have started a separate page. Lovers of Living Together is a mailing list for folks interested in group houses, co-ops, intentional communities, cohousing communities or otherwise non-nuclear/non-individualist living arrangements in the DC-area.

Rental Co-ops

Limited Equity Co-ops 

Intentional Communities

Market Co-ops


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  2. Dennis N Carpenter II

    The Hacienda Cooperative at 102 58th Street SE, Washington, DC 20019 should be listed. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Dennis N. Carpenter II, IOM
    President, Hacienda Cooperative, Inc.

  3. Julian Rowand

    Hi, please add Beecher Cooperative, Inc. Beecher Cooperative is a limited-equity cooperative in NW DC founded in 1979. I am interested in connecting with others interested in or organizing around limited-equity cooperatives. Thank you. Julian Rowand, Site Manager beechercooperative@gmail.com 202-333-1681

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  5. Dorita Sewell

    Hi–the Broadmoor, 3601 CT Ave NW, built in 1920, is a coop. Is the Kennedy Warren a co-op? I think there are lots of old co-ops in the city. Glad you found the beautiful and livable Hampshire Gardens.

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